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Your custom clip of a Spanish goddess

February 4, 2020 Posted by financialdominat

You are looking for a custom clip in english or spanish? Goddess Dana da Silva is pure perfection!

The fitness model has a perfect body that you will adore from now on!
Once you are her slave there is no turning back, but you will surely love to get involved with her, won’t you?

Write her for your custom clip. Whether Findom, Femdom, foot fetish or ass fetish! Her videos are addictive!


Double Findom

September 28, 2018 Posted by financialdominat

Two dominant Findommes want to drain you now! They will tell you when you pay and how much you pay! Your money is her money from now on!


Sarah DiAvola wants your money! NOW!

September 20, 2018 Posted by financialdominat

Mistress Sarah is a real hot lady and she wants your money now!

You have to buy a minimum of 5 Clips and additional you have to pay a tribute including your email adress! Thats just the beginning to be a paypig for Mistress Sarah!

Do it now!

Cliptress Sarah DiAvolas

Ashea Thompson Findom

January 20, 2018 Posted by financialdominat

Mistress Ashea is seeking a peasent! She loves Financial Domination and Female Supremacy!

Send her a message now and pay for her attention!


Only Verified Dommes

February 24, 2017 Posted by financialdominat

Are you searching for a verified domme?

Take a look at the new website

Slave can check if a Girl is a fake or not and Girls can verify her accounts and links!

What do you think? A good idea for all financial domination dommes and slaves.


Madam Luzia Lowe – Findom Chat

June 25, 2015 Posted by financialdominat


Madam Luzia Lowe is waiting for you now at

Come on and Chat with her.

Shes a real lifestyle Domme from Los Angeles.

Shes cruel, cold and strict and will start to control you as a real pay pig.

You are just a Loser Boy

June 21, 2015 Posted by financialdominat

Bratty Jamie thinks that you are just a piggy loser boy.

A financial slave – only here to pay for the mistress.


Findom Video Download

I fuck your brain and your purse, loser!

January 21, 2014 Posted by Franky

You cannot resist me! My body is stunning hot!
And you will do whatever I tell you to do!
Just watch me and my fucking hot ass moving!
And at this brainfucking pendulum in my hand.
Do you already realize how you lose control…?

Get the hot brainfucking clip now!

The bratty princess is back!

December 5, 2013 Posted by Franky

There she is again! You have brought some more cash?
Do you can pay her now…? This is the only reason
why she will ever talk to you! If you have no cash
she will simple ignore you! You are nothing more than
a big loser! But with some cash you can catch her

Check out her new clip on

Smoking Findomme

November 1, 2013 Posted by financialdominat

Findomme Princess Natalia makes you her human ahstray and takes your money.

Financial domination and humiliation

More Findommes at