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The bratty princess is back!

December 5, 2013 Posted by Franky

There she is again! You have brought some more cash?
Do you can pay her now…? This is the only reason
why she will ever talk to you! If you have no cash
she will simple ignore you! You are nothing more than
a big loser! But with some cash you can catch her

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Goddess Kim wants your money!

June 28, 2013 Posted by Franky

Yeah, white bitch, you read correctly!
She wants your whole money! EVERYTHING!
And because today it’s payday, you have to give it to her!
Don’t try to hesitate! You have no chance!
She will make you so addicted and confuse your mind
that you will do whatever she wants you to do.
She just loves it to play with you and your purse! 😀

Come and pay her – NOW!

New month, new bills!

May 3, 2013 Posted by Franky

Hey there! The new month just started.
And you know what this means to you?
It’s paytime! You have to give me your cash!
All your hard earned money! I want to buy
some new and hot dresses – and you have to
eat less – so I have even more money!
I danced into the may – and fucked you
and your cash balance! 😀

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German Money Mistress

March 17, 2013 Posted by financialdominat

Are you ready to be a slave from a German Mistress ?

You dont understand the German Language ? Thats not Princess Jennys problem. If you dont understand her you have to learn the language of your Mistress.

Princess Jenny forced you to be her money slave and you have to worship her sexy ass from now on every day.

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Moneydomme at the cash machine

October 25, 2012 Posted by financialdominat

Money Princess Jenny want to go to the Cash Machine.

She knows your PIN and has your credit card.

So just look how she takes your money from now on.

This arrogant moneydomme will go to the bank every day now – with your PIN and with your Card … so long theres money on your account !!!

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Jenia from Russia takes it all!

February 3, 2012 Posted by alex

You’re my slave. I’ll take everything from you and i’ll manage your money.
To show you your place you’ll lick my shoes clean. From now on my law is the only law and you lil worm will give me your money whenever i demand it!

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I Love Money

January 29, 2012 Posted by alex

I just got this tribute in the mail from my internet slave as I call him. Not an amazing amount but 640 isnt a bad tribute at all. Watch as I count it up and just well talk about how much I just fucking love money. More real time clips tomorrow.

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I Make Your Ca$h Disappear!

January 24, 2012 Posted by alex

See me counting my moneyslave`s ex money and having fun with it! I just make his last cash disappear…… I am playing with it and putting it into my decollete and the only reward he gets is my spit. I am playing with my high heels, smoking a cigarette and blowing the smoke into your dirty face. See my beautiful toes, PAY and OBEY!

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Laughted at by Sandra

January 19, 2012 Posted by alex

One can only laugh when thinking about you little loser. You’re at my service as my money slave and will lie your money at my feet. I’ll buy sexy clothes from your money – but only a real man will see me wearing these!

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Jazee and Jenna Cash Money Girls

January 14, 2012 Posted by alex

You asked for it and now Jazee and Jenna punish you properly. You’ll be their money slave and have to give them the promised 400 Euro. What you didn’t know is that they’ll be filming you – they have fun recording how pathetic you’re and already plan to upload the video to Youtube or even better to sell it somewhere. You even lick their dirty shoes – that’s making the video even better, doesn’t it?

In any case, they’re fed up with you – next time you’ve to bring more than 400 Euro. So you better go to work so you can give them more next time!

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