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Where is my cash, moneypig?

April 3, 2013 Posted by Franky

I’m still waiting for my cash, bitch!
Why don’t you pay me as fast as possible…!?
Now I have to think about something else…
And I have a good idea! Do you know which one…?
Your girlfriend has to be my bitch! She has to bring
me a lot of cash because of fucking other guys…!
You don’t like it…? Next time pay me immediately…!

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Pay me that I will recognize you

March 20, 2013 Posted by Franky

I am all you want! I am all you dream about! I am your goddess!
And because I am your goddess you want to make me happy, won’t you?
I want to buy some new shoes! And a new jeans too!
And because I’m already out for shopping some new earrings would be nice too!
So come and give my all your money! You are my little pay pig!
You want to give me everything just to be recognized by me…!

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Give Princess Jenny your whole money!

March 20, 2013 Posted by Franky

Princess Jenny is a fucking hot lady! And she likes to spend a lot of money. Because you are so addicted by her you want to pay whatever she wants to get from you…! She needs some new underwear. Just look at this gorgeous ass – there is need for some more underwear, isn’t there…? You have to obey her! And you have to pay for doing so…!

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German Money Mistress

March 17, 2013 Posted by financialdominat

Are you ready to be a slave from a German Mistress ?

You dont understand the German Language ? Thats not Princess Jennys problem. If you dont understand her you have to learn the language of your Mistress.

Princess Jenny forced you to be her money slave and you have to worship her sexy ass from now on every day.

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Moneydomme at the cash machine

October 25, 2012 Posted by financialdominat

Money Princess Jenny want to go to the Cash Machine.

She knows your PIN and has your credit card.

So just look how she takes your money from now on.

This arrogant moneydomme will go to the bank every day now – with your PIN and with your Card … so long theres money on your account !!!

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Your money is now hers

November 5, 2011 Posted by alex

Your credit card is mine now. From now on i’ll get cash with it whenever i want to. I just got the first 400 Euro – as you can see! I think i’ll buy some new clothes next – maybe a new tight jeans? We’ll see. The only important thing is that i decide from now on and you’re just my paypig. It really wasn’t smart to give me your creditcard and pin code – i’m just so careless when it comes to money – especially when it comes to your money! But now it’s too late to take it back!

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You’re a loser

June 16, 2011 Posted by financialdominat

What a little loser you are! I told you to keep your eyes open when I blow my cigarette smoke into your face. And as you failed to do so I’ll use you as my living ashtray. Bad luck for you – but you’ll do as I tell you – because you’re the loser and I’m your mistress. You should be grateful that I at least give you some attention – you and your tiny dick. Take a look at the heels of my hot boots – I guess they’re much longer than your dick, aren’t they? Come on, lick the soles of my boots and be my living footstool. You’ll me a footstool for my boots and I’ll kick you in the face from above. But remember – you’re my ashtray too – that’s why you get to eat the cigarette butt, too. Chew and then swallow it all!

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