You’re a loser

June 16, 2011 Posted by financialdominat

What a little loser you are! I told you to keep your eyes open when I blow my cigarette smoke into your face. And as you failed to do so I’ll use you as my living ashtray. Bad luck for you – but you’ll do as I tell you – because you’re the loser and I’m your mistress. You should be grateful that I at least give you some attention – you and your tiny dick. Take a look at the heels of my hot boots – I guess they’re much longer than your dick, aren’t they? Come on, lick the soles of my boots and be my living footstool. You’ll me a footstool for my boots and I’ll kick you in the face from above. But remember – you’re my ashtray too – that’s why you get to eat the cigarette butt, too. Chew and then swallow it all!

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