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Stripping your cash!! – Pt 2

August 25, 2011 Posted by alex

Hey loser! Ready to hand your wallet over to Samantha Ryan? Yaaaaaa, scum like you are ALWAYS eager to give your paychecks to HOT, BITCHY women who know what they want. “I want it… I want it ALL!” One look at her legs and you’ll be mesmerized, reaching into your pocket unconsciously to hand her more money. Chump! You have no power against SAMANTHA! She OWNS wastes of life like you, and does whatever she wants to pathetic moneyslaves until your will belongs to HER! “Give me some more, LOSER!” She teases you with her body and beautiful face, only to snatch the money from your paws while you drool at her feet. She lifts her skirt to show her panty-covered ass, and commands you “Give me ALL YOUR MONEY!”. You obey, like a total moron. She doesn’t LIKE you just cuz you’re handing her all you have. She gives you the finger and tells you EXACTLY what strippers think of lonely little pindicked losers. “They never go home with you, do they? No… Those girls like the BIG cocks, and they won’t settle for a little dick like YOURS”. She hammers home the truth to you “Pussyboys! I need a MAN!” She keeps commanding you to give her more money, and you do, just like every stupid male she meets… She loves making little dicked suckers all BROKE, then sending them home for a desperate jerkoff session! So in the last minute of the clip, Samantha reminds you that “you don’t deserve a girl like me… NEVER… but I will leave you one LITTLE thing…” And she does. Her SHOES! She actually LEAVES and commands you to “MASTURBATE OVER MY SHOES!!!” You’re heartbroken, but that won’t stop you pulling that little worm and staring at her shoes like a stupid pervert. That’s right moneypig, you’re not even worthy to jerk it for Samantha. You’re NOTHING! You have to settle for paying to masturbate to the SHOES that women wear when they squeeze the cash out of you! LOL! Shots of her sexy heels interspersed with shots of her dancing on stage above you will have you wacking for those sweaty shoes like a total idiot. Samantha REALLY hopes this clip doesn’t turn you into such perverted freaks that you end up masturbating to girls’ SHOES for the rest of your pathetic life… LOL! That would be such a shame. You probably WILL too, you’re that ugly and stupid. So enjoy the ride, little man. Being used by a woman like Samantha Ryan is the best ‘sex’ you’re ever going to have! LOL!!

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Labor Day Losers – aka Samantha’s MoneyPig!!!

July 16, 2011 Posted by alex

Well, this humiliation pov video clip has NOTHING to do with the LABOR DAY HOLIDAY. Other than the fact that A) Samantha knows you’re a LOSER, so you’ll be sitting at home dutifully all weekend like a loner, staring at your computer, watching and jerking to this clip so you can learn EXACTLY WHAT SHE thinks of you weak wimps, and how she USES YOU for WHATEVER THE HELL SHE WANTS!!! Oh, and B) LABOR is exactly what SAMANTHA expects from men like you – not just on Labor Day, but EVERY DAY!!! 🙂 As Samantha says “Men like you are such IDIOTS! :)” Oh, and for all of our INTERNATIONAL loser fans, YOU get to join in the spirit of LABOR day too!! Aren’t you SO lucky! 😉 …. Samantha compares all you cyberlosers to the worthless saps she uses in person, who she keeps hard and frustrated without even trying.. – “The suckers I know in real life…I keep these boys in a spin 24/7!….. and it seems their little dicks are ALWAYS wanting MORE of SAMANTHA RYAN!… LOL!!….SUCKERS!!”. And if it wasn’t bad enough that she makes you sad, lonely men give her SOOOO much money – “Its not like I LIKE any of them – I think they’re all JERKS and PATHETIC MORONS! :)” …. She knows YOU’RE just that type of moneyslave, a loser that would give her everything you owned if she just spat on you – “SUCKER!!” she calls you! She laughs about how pathetic you pigs are, paying money mistresses all you have – “they lose EVERYTHING to me – their life savings, their FAMILIES…. (laughs) all for lil ol’ me! …..YOU’RE gonna lose it all to me too, aren’t you??” LOL! I don’t want to give too much away. Suffice it to say, you’ll be DREAMING of being one of her real-time victims! So…….. while she’s out partying till dawn every night, with the BEST people of course, stay home and work on becoming ANOTHER little LABOR LOSER for Samantha Ryan. It’ll probably be your life’s crowning achievement!!

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The Greedy Princess – Samantha Ryan

July 1, 2011 Posted by alex

All settled in for another lonely night of masturbation, little man? GOOD! Cuz it’s just you and Samantha Ryan staying in for a close, intimate little chattypoo… all about what a big LOSER you are, and how she’s going to get all your money!! Samantha’s all cozy and intimate in this clip, taunting you with her sexual power and leading you on the path of self-destructive servitude. “A girl like me, I need lots of money… dress myself up nice and pretty…get my hair done… all on losers like you”. Uh huh, and you KNOW she’s not dolling herself up for any short-dicked man! She laughs at all the tiny ones, and makes fun of you for having one like that. “Got some nice blue balls going there loser? LOL… Does it hurt? I HOPE it does… cuz a moron like you deserves to hurt!!” Wow. You’d think a hot girl would be nicer to the poor saps who’ve made her rich. Not our SAM! She teases you meanly with her untouchable body “you wish you could be here with me?”… then reminding you of what you are… “like you could ever have someone like me. You’ve never had even CLOSE… and you never will”… She calls you ‘loser’ and taunts you as she rubs her legs…”you would do anything to touch this body”. She loves laughing right in the face of pathetic men! She knows you’re so submissive that you’ll pay her whatever she wants, even though she thinks you’re just a brainless little loser. She licks her lips and blows kisses, flirting and making you drool… then she counts her money! And what does she give YOU? The FLIP OFF, sucker… This might be POV HUMILIATION’s meanest, most loser-stiffening clip with Samantha so far, and for all you tiny dicks who’ve jerked it for LABOR DAY LOSERS or STRIPPING YOUR CASH, you KNOW what that means … Lots of day dreams of Samantha Ryan and morning stiffies for you, money maggot! Samantha Ryan’s got your number, loserboy, and you know you’ll never get hers…LOL!

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