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I Love Money

January 29, 2012 Posted by alex

I just got this tribute in the mail from my internet slave as I call him. Not an amazing amount but 640 isnt a bad tribute at all. Watch as I count it up and just well talk about how much I just fucking love money. More real time clips tomorrow.

Download the Video Here

A Quick Tribute Clip

November 25, 2011 Posted by alex

Watch me count out some money that I got in the mail. Also you get to hear me bitch about how I want even more. You also get to see me handle a knife – back off bitches!!

Download the Video Here

Serve Me

October 21, 2011 Posted by alex

I have my stable of servants and of course random losers who come to serve me. And I make so much money from this little site. So many of you losers come back over and over again to see if I updated. Well it is time you finally started to tribute and serve me.

This clip will give you instructions on how to contact me about becoming a pathetic little just for me. So fucking buy. Cheap clip for you boys.

Download the Video Here

Money Domination at its Finest

August 10, 2011 Posted by alex

Why aren’t you serving me boy? I know you come to my site everyday and click refresh every 30 mins, praying that I updated my store. Why don’t you just give in and start serving and most importantly start sending tribute to me. No? Still scared well then you can buy this clip and hear what it is like. You can be completely ripped off by this clip and get that feeling that you are so pathetic.

Download the Video Here

Fuck you Pay Me!

July 11, 2011 Posted by alex

Don’t you boys just love to hear about how you are nothing more to me than a fucking ATM. That is what you are a human ATM. Put on this earth to make my life easier, to make me happier, to allow me to not have to lift a finger on my perfect hand. Well listen to why you need to start to contribute more and more to me losers.

Download the Video Here