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Two money princesses – Jazee and Jenna

July 4, 2013 Posted by Franky

Jazee and Jenna are fucking hot money princesses!
You hoped to catch their attention – and now you have to deal with!
One first thing is to pay them the necessary 400 €!
But maybe you don’t know that they will film you too.
And you can guess – they will use this video to blackmail you!
If you won’t pay again they will upload it on youtube!
Or maybe send it to your so called friends or family!
Do you can handle it…? Don’t think so…!

Come and pay her – NOW!

Miss Isabella punishes her little paypig

July 1, 2013 Posted by Franky

Do you believe you are worth it?
Do you think there can be any reason to deal with you?
I don’t think so! You are useless! And worthless!
So you don’t need any more cash – give it to ME!
But don’t dare to come and catch my attention.
I will ignore you anyway! You are NOTHING!
Only your cash is important for me…!

Come and pay her – NOW!